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We am excited to partner with committed fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers and other family members here at Placer. By joining the Miner Watch Team, you will have the opportunity to become more involved in your child's school life and our community. Live Scan clearance is required to participate. You can pick up the Live Scan form in the office or click HERE to print one out at home. If you are already a cleared volunteer, click HERE to sign up.


Research supports the need for positive role models in our students' lives now more than ever (especially coming out of the last few years). Programs such as this have been started in schools across the country and have seen tremendous increases in parent involvement, decreases in student behavioral issues, and increases in student achievement. This is just one of many reasons why we are launching the Miner Watch Program!




  • Be approachable & open - smile, talk to the students, listen to them
  • Never be alone with students or in an area that is not visible by staff
  • Follow our school confidentiality policy in regard to students and staff
  • Stay visible as much as possible
  • Use Adult/Staff Restrooms (do not enter student restrooms).
  • Enter classrooms quietly when classes are in session
  • Use school appropriate language & keep conversations student friendly (steer conversations away from controversial topics)
  • Limit personal use of cell phones and similar devices (pictures of students are prohibited) if there is a need to call 911, alert school staff by radio.
  • Have fun, mentor students, & be a hero to many! BE RESPONSIBLE
  • Sign in upon arrival and sign out when leaving campus
  • Follow your schedule (Please commit to the day you are scheduled)
  • Wear your Miner Watch T-shirt (or vest) and lanyard while on duty
  • Follow the school's policy on appropriate conduct and behavior with the students and faculty (bullying policy, bathroom policy, classroom participation, etc) BE READY
  • If a situation arises, please report it to a school official starting with the principal (Use Walkie Talkie from office staff, whistle, other)
  • Our goal is to be of service to the school, teacher and students